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While some view real estate development as a bricks and mortar business, we like to look at it a bit differently. To us, real estate isn’t only about spaces and places it is also very much about people. When you’ve got such lofty goals you need people with big imaginations, big ambitions, vast experience and great determination to make it all happen. At the heart of our strategy is the determination to retain and develop the best management team, bar none. We achieve this by creating a stimulating and fulfilling work environment guided by a philosophy of empowerment and encouragement of individuality and initiative.

Full Time Vacancies

Get a chance to be part of the SODIC Family and fulfill your career aspirations through our challenging and learning based performance culture.

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SODIC supports internship programs that provide growth and learning opportunities to students in university.

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Develop Program

Develop program by SODIC is a graduate development program that provides a carefully chosen group of exceptional young talents a shot at future leadership roles within SODIC.

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Working at SODIC

We are a young, vibrant and dynamic organisation. We do things creatively, efficiently and we live up to our brand promise of HUMAN DEVELOPMENTS. This is how our customers see us and this should reflect on our employees. We create a positive candidate experience by being clear about our culture during the recruitment process.

“I love working for Sodic, It feels like I am part of a big success. I wouldn't find better coworkers, People here are easy to communicate and deal with.”

Sandy Sawiris

“Being part of the SODIC family for 6 years now has enabled me to grow and develop not only on a professional level but also as a person due to the smart, fun and hardworking colleagues I work with everyday. I will always be thankful to the people who value my hard work and believe in me and who allowed me to be who I am today. Here’s to continuing my career at this exceptional company!”

Mai Saleh

Head of Events
“From the moment I joined SODIC, I felt that this company is different right away…Not only it’s a great productive company but also everyone is like family”

Dina Atef

Project Manager
“Being part of such a creative and great team, to work very hard every day to achieve the company’s goals and objectives, feeling appreciated and more important to get what you deserve… Simply this is SODIC”

Hosni Mostafa

Budgeting and Planning Manager
“I feel like I am part of a group of people they care about work they do and care about the people they work with. That combination really brings out the best in people and the best quality of work.”

Nadine Okasha

PR and Market Research Director
“In sales, we perceive ourselves more of consultants rather than typical sales. We sell to the client what they need and we cater our products to those needs based on market research and analysis to provide to our clients the environment where they can live work and entertain.”

Aly El Samra

Sales Director
“Being part of SODIC makes me feel like I’m part of a family, I can truly be myself and I’m constantly inspired to go the extra mile.”

Nouchka Fanous

Executive Director of Sales

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